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The Egencia® TripNavigator mobile app is designed to help make you the smartest person in the airport, and for that matter throughout every business trip. The app is available for free download for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and offers:

  • NEW! Trip Grouping: View your upcoming trips in a sequential format or grouped by an itinerary with beautiful destination images.
  • NEW! Air Booking for Android: Android users can now enjoy the existing beautiful and simple process to search for flights that includes options to refine and personalize results while still being mindful of company policy. (iPhone app new version leverages the new flight search results which is cleaner, simple and makes it easier to find the right flight quickly.)
  • NEW! More personalized recommendations to find your flight faster: Easily search for frequently booked flights in one tap including airline type and class. No need to enter the same information every time!
  • NEW! In-Flight Amenities: Determine which seats have power or the best legroom and which ones have Wi-Fi. (Available on iPad first, coming soon for Android & iPhone.)
  • NEW! Seamless check in for Delta flights within the app: This industry-first partnership allows you to seamlessly check-in for your Delta flights through the Egencia® TripNavigator app without having to enter your confirmation code and traveler’s information.
  • Hotel booking: Shop from one of the world’s largest hotel inventories – over 200,000 properties worldwide at your fingertips. Pick the option that meets your preferences. Stay in-policy and save money, even for last-minute bookings, with Mobile-Only Deals.
  • Trip alerts: Notifications let you know when your flight is delayed or canceled with options for how Egencia can assist.
  • Itinerary sharing: keep everyone in the know while you’re on the go, even if things change.
  • Beautiful user interface inspired by consumer travel apps.
  • Fixed it! Access your trips easily in offline mode too.

Please have your Egencia login information accessible when accessing Egencia® TripNavigator for the first time.

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Answers to frequently asked questions:


Where can I download the app?

Go to the Apple App Store and search for "Egencia". Download and install the app. You can also navigate to on your phone to download the app. For Android devices, visit Google Play and search for "Egencia" or follow this link

How do I update my current Egencia iPhone or iPad app?
For travelers who have the existing version of the app, the Apple App Store will signal the user that there is an update available. On iOS 7 and above operating systems, the app will be upgraded for travelers as soon as it becomes available. 

For travelers who have never downloaded or used the previous iPhone app, Egencia® TripNavigator will be available for download from the Apple App Store. Simply search for “Egencia” in the Appstore or navigate to on your phone to download the app.

How do I log in if I have single sign-on?
Logging in is simple and can be done with an Egencia user name and password. For Single Sign-on customers, a mobile password can be found by logging into Egencia, click on "My Profile" on top of any page and navigating to the Egencia on the Go Section>Mobile Registration>set mobile password. You will be asked to enter a mobile password and verify it. Click "Set Password". View this 
getting started guide for single sign-on users for more information.

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