Business Travel by Expedia®

Egencia is Expedia, Inc.'s solution for businesses to manage and control costs in their corporate travel programs.

From small to large, nonprofit to Fortune 500, hundreds of corporations are using Egencia to manage their travel programs and save time and money. The Egencia online booking tool is built with the same technology that powers Expedia, and is a simple and familiar experience to anyone who has booked a vacation on

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We have definitely seen the benefits in terms of ease of data collection and reporting, ease of booking (particularly for traveler arrangers), and visibility into spending and travel patterns.”

Hanna Rowanwood, Travel Manager, Skyjack

“I don’t have to worry after 5:00pm or on the weekends because my travelers can call an Egencia agent and those agents are fabulous. I know, because I work with them all the time. They do a great job”

Jackie Hamblin, Travel Coordinator, Asante

“The implementations process was very straightforward. I was up and running with Egencia before other prospective Travel Management Companies returned my phone call. The entire Egencia Team was very responsive and committed to my success.”

Fernando Renteria, Travel Manager, LaCoste