OSLO May 2015

Of all the months, May is probably the best choice for visiting Oslo. In May, summer is just around the corner, the days are longer and everything comes to life after the dark and cold winter months. The trees are turning green, the grass and flowers give colour to the parks and people are stepping outdoor, smiling as they fill up all the city’s outdoor restaurants, as soon as the sun appears. Even if it’s still just a few plus degrees Celsius…

5 things to do while visiting Oslo

  • The Oslo Opera House
  • The Vigeland Park
  • Mathallen - Oslo
  • Akerselva River
  • Holmenkollen and Norwegian Nature

The Opera House. Photo: Ken Ingwersen

The Oslo Opera House.

The Opera is the most extravagant and at the same time the most beautiful building in Oslo. If you go for a walk on the rooftop you will also get a good impression of The Barcode District, the Oslo Skyline. There are many opinions about the facade of these buildings, but one thing is for sure - along with the Opera they have provided Oslo with a strongly needed personal profile. Unlike anything else in the world. PS- While you’re at the Opera House – make sure you spot the small iceberg in the water, not far from the building. Web site

The Vigeland Park

The Vigeland Park with its many naked human sculptures is known all over the world. The most famous one is the little angry boy "Sinnataggen".

During summer the park is a popular arena for families and friends having picnics or different sports competitions on the numerous and large green areas. Take the tram or the metro (t-bane) to Majorstuen. Free entrance. Web site

Sinnataggen. Photo: Ken Ingwersen

Mathallen – Oslo

Oslo has finally got its own Foodmarket Hall like the other European food halls. Mathallen Oslo is the place to go for everyone who appreciates high quality food and drinks and something unique. The hall offers fish, meat, vegetables, baked goods, and coffee – everything from the best suppliers and distributors of Norwegian goods, as well as some imported products. The Food Hall is located in the Vulkan area, east part of Oslo. Take the tram 11, 12 and 13 to Schous Plass or walk. Approximately 15 min. walk from the central station, Oslo S. Web site

Akerselva River

There are plenty of parks and green areas within walking distance in Oslo, and they’re always packed with people on a sunny day. The riverwalk along Akerselva is particularly nice. You can walk all the way from Grønland (2 min. from Oslo S) to Maridalsvannet which is Oslo's drinking water (about 1,5 hours). Along the route you will pass several small and alternative cafes, and both the Foodmarket Hall - and Grünerløkka. Grünerløkka is Oslo’s East side, a popular, colourful and exciting area with small local boutiques, bars and restaurants - and a lively nightlife, often compared to Greenwich Village in NYC. 
Use the riverwalk during daytime; it is not advisable to stroll along the river in the dark.
Web site

Holmenkollen og Norwegian nature.

If you want some fresh air and a taste of real Norwegian nature - take the metro to Frognerseteren and walk in the direction of Holmenkollen National Ski Arena. Do it like us Norwegians – prepare a packed lunch during breakfast at your hotel, fill a thermos with coffee and bring it in a backpack. Sit down and eat your lunch when you find a nice spot in the nature or visit one of the cosy cabins that serves heavenly homemade waffles and pastries. Make sure to try some classic brown goat cheese on the waffle :-)
Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Most Norwegians love the outdoors and know their way around the many trails. It is never difficult to get help if you are lost. Web site

Photo: Visit norway

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