Introducing the Intelligent Service PlatformTM

A faster, smarter, more personalized customer service experience

Faster, Smarter Service

We are excited to offer a new customer service experience that will be faster, smarter and more personalized. Our new Intelligent Service PlatformTM leverages technology-infused service to quickly recognize you based on the phone number you are dialing in on, allowing Egencia Travel Consultants to know what you need help with before they answer your call. Also, you will now hear an estimated wait time and have the option to request a call back, rather than waiting on hold. 

What do I need to do to take advantage of this new service?

To take full advantage of this faster and more personalized service, please make sure your phone numbers are up to date in your Egencia profile. When contacting us, please call from a phone with a unique number (such as your mobile phone) that is registered in your profile. If you call from a office phone that shares a caller ID with other phones, we may not be able to recognize you.

How will Egencia know who I am when I call in?

We will be able to recognize you via Caller ID, if you are calling from a phone in your Egencia profile. Please note that some companies hide the unique office number and instead show a generic number for all phone lines in the office. In this case, we will not be able to recognize you and will ask you some information such as your itinerary number or date of birth to verify your identify. You may want to list your mobile phone in your profile instead.

What will happen if Egencia is not able to recognize me before I speak to a Travel Consultant?

If we are unable to authenticate you automatically, we will ask if you are calling about an existing or new reservation. If you are calling an an existing reservation, you may be asked to provide the itinerary number and phone number. If you are calling for a new reservation, you may be asked for your phone number and date of birth

What if I have more than one trip booked with Egencia? How will the Travel Consultant know which trip I am calling in about?

The automated system will ask you which trip you are calling about. Here is an example:

"If you are calling about your trip to New York on November 11, please press 1. If you are calling about your trip to San Diego on November 20, please press 2."

If I arrange travel for others, what will happen when I call in?

The automated system will ask you to select the itinerary number of the trip you are calling about.

If I request a call-back, which number will the Travel Consultant call me on?

An Egencia Travel Consultant will call you back on the number you called in on, if it is listed in your Egencia Profile.  You can also provide us with different number to call back on, even if that number is not in your profile. 


What happens if I don't pick up the call when a Travel Consultant calls me back?

The Travel Consultant will leave a short voicemail and your call will be placed in the queued again. When your call reaches the top of the queue, a Travel Consultant will call you back a second time. If you are still not reachable, the Travel Consultant will leave a second short voice mail. The next step will be for you to call back Egencia.

Will callback work if I am abroad?

Yes. If you are calling from a unique phone number registered in your Profile, you will be fully authenticated and we will offer to call you back on this number. You can also choose to receive your callback on a different number, even an international one.
If you are calling from a number we could not recognize, you will be asked to enter a local or international callback number. Please note that you can be charged by your phone company when placing or receiving an international call.

Here's to productive and seamless travels! 

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